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Sam is an accomplished community leader, experienced attorney, and former city commissioner who will fight for the residents of the 5th district

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“I am running because I believe in the promise of Los Angeles. We can preserve our beautiful, unique neighborhoods sprawled amid this metropolis, while tackling our homelessness crisis and building more affordable housing and creating more green space. Together, we can improve how our city is policed, while making sure that our families are safe and our neighborhoods thrive. But, we cannot transform our City without transforming our politics and rooting out City Hall’s culture of corruption and cronyism.”


Elected officials and community leaders across Los Angeles endorse Sam Yebri for City Council.
Henry A. Waxman

Congressman Henry A. Waxman (Ret.)​​

“Sam has demonstrated the leadership and character we deserve in an elected official. I am proud to endorse his candidacy.”​​

Holly J. Mitchell

Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell

“I am endorsing Sam Yebri for City Council because the fight for justice is central to Sam's character and integrity. Sam has fought for tenants, workers, refugees, and the disabled as a community leader, non-profit board member, and attorney. We need Sam's tenacity and compassion as Los Angeles grapples with unprecedented challenges. I enthusiastically support Sam for Los Angeles City Council."​

Nanette Barragán

Congresswoman Nanette Barragán​

“Sam has demonstrated strong leadership and will bring fresh perspectives to the Los Angeles City Council. I proudly endorse his candidacy.​"

Joe Buscaino

Hon. Joe Buscaino​

Los Angeles City Councilmember
“Sam is an accomplished leader with deep roots in his community and a laser-focus on developing solutions to the many challenges facing Los Angeles. He is smart, tough, and compassionate, and will be a force for change on the City Council. I am proud to endorse Sam and excited to work with him.”

Lili Bosse

Hon. Lili Bosse

Philanthropist, Women’s Activist, and Councilmember and Former Mayor of the City of Beverly Hills
“I’ve witnessed Sam's integrity and leadership for many years. He will bring a smart, community-first mindset to tackling our region's many local challenges. He will protect women, families, and the most vulnerable while working hard to build a safer and more equitable Los Angeles. I enthusiastically endorse Sam's candidacy for Los Angeles City Council.”

Eric Swalwell

Congressman Eric Swalwell

United States Congressmember
“Sam will bring integrity and tenacity to tackle the problems of Los Angeles. He is a problem-solver and coalition-builder, whose candidacy I am thrilled to endorse.”