Meet Sam Yebri

An accomplished community leader, experienced attorney, and former city commissioner who will fight for the residents of the 5th district

I am honored to announce my candidacy for Los Angeles City Council to represent the 5th District.​

My journey towards public service began nearly 40 years ago. When I was a year old, Los Angeles opened its arms to refugees from Iran, promising families like mine a brighter and safer future. We were blessed to rebuild our lives in Westwood, a warm community that enabled my family to live the American Dream. Our local public school, Fairburn Elementary School, provided me with a launching pad to Yale University, USC Law School, and a clerkship for Federal Judge Hon. A. Howard Matz.

Since then, I built a successful law firm in Century City, advocated for the rights of workers, tenants, and refugees, advised startups and small businesses, served our City as a commissioner on the Los Angeles Civil Service Commission and as a board member of the Friends of the Westwood Library, helped build affordable housing for adults with special needs, strengthened the Jewish community on numerous non-profit boards, and engaged thousands of immigrants and first-generation Americans in civic life by co-founding 30 Years After in 2007.

Meanwhile, we have watched Los Angeles suffer from City Hall’s corruption, nepotism, and insider politics. Those entrusted with the people’s business face federal prison. Others have abdicated their sacred duty to special interests and bureaucrats, more interested in managing politics than advancing policy. While City Hall fiddles, homelessness and affordable housing have become dire crises, our neighborhoods are less safe, our infrastructure is crumbling, city services are being cut amid skyrocketing deficits, small businesses are shuttering, and economic and racial inequality worsen.

As my wife Leah and I raise our four young children in Westwood a few blocks from where I was raised, we continue to believe in the promise of Los Angeles. Our City’s best days can still be ahead of us. This is why I am asking you for the privilege of serving the 5th District as your Councilmember– to devote myself to the issues that mean the most to you, at this time when they matter the most.

It is not too late for us to preserve our beautiful, unique neighborhoods sprawled amid this metropolis, while also building more affordable housing and creating more green space. Together, we can improve how our city is policed, while also making sure that our families are safe and our neighborhoods thrive. Together, we can prove the simple, powerful principle that normal people like you and I who love this City can change it for the better.

But, we cannot transform our City without transforming our politics. Thus, my campaign will not accept contributions from those with business interests before City Hall, such as real estate developers and oil, gas, billboard, and cannabis companies. In the many months until this election in 2022, I will spend my time listening to residents throughout the 5th District to build a broad-based grassroots coalition to take on the powerful forces within City Hall.

As I begin this journey, I am proud to have earned the endorsements of many leading political and community leaders, including legendary Congressman Henry A. Waxman, one of the greatest legislators in our country’s history, a leader who inspired my own passion for public service.

Today, I ask you to invest in our campaign. Together, we will renew the promise of Los Angeles by providing the next generation of Angelenos the same opportunities with which I was blessed almost 40 years ago.