CD5 Candidate Katy Young Yaroslavsky Caught Taking Opposite Positions On Anti-Camping Ordinance

“It’s inhumane” … “I support it”…“It’s ineffective”…“It can be a tool” – Katy Young Yaroslavsky

LOS ANGELES, CA – Two weeks after Los Angeles City Council District 5 candidate Sam Yebri released his homelessness plan – in which he reiterated his support of LA City’s Anti-Camping Ordinance 41.18 that prohibits homeless encampments in front of schools, daycares, and libraries, keeps sidewalks clear for the disabled and elderly, and ensures parks are safe for children – candidate and political staffer Katy Young Yaroslavsky was caught taking diametrically opposite positions to different audiences on the issue, waffling on how she would address the humanitarian crisis on Los Angeles’ streets.

“Voters of the 5th District are rightfully furious about politicians and their political staffers not taking immediate action on homelessness,” said Yebri. “It is inexcusable to tell some district residents one thing, and other people the opposite, just to get their votes – while the crisis continues to worsen every day. From day one, I have been clear and consistent about my plan to tackle the homelessness crisis. The people of the 5th District deserve honesty and integrity from their future Councilmember.”


In August of 2021, at a North Westwood Neighborhood Council Forum on Homelessness, the UCLA Daily Bruin reported Young’s vocal opposition to the ordinance

On November 11, 2021, at a North Westwood Neighborhood Council Forum on Homelessness, Young Yaroslavsky said, “I don’t think that 41.18 is helping to solve the problem in any…way,” and, “it’s inhumane, it’s ineffective.”  

Three months later, on February 24, 2022, at an endorsement meeting for the Los Angeles City Attorney Association, Young Yaroslavsky reversed her position, telling this group what they wanted to hear, stating“I support the use of 41.18,” and, “[41.18] is a part of the overall solution.” 

Two days later, on February 26, 2022, at the West Los Angeles Democratic Club Forum, Young Yaroslavsky was confronted about her inconsistencies on the most consequential issue facing Los Angeles. She tried to have it both ways saying, “It’s not going to solve homelessness,” and, later, “…it could be a helpful tool.”

Yebri has been clear and consistent on his position of support for 41.18 throughout his campaign, and he remains the only Democratic candidate to publicly and consistently support the ordinance. He is also the only candidate in the field – Democrat, Republican, or otherwise – to release a comprehensive homelessness plan

In his plan, Yebri states that it is neither progressive nor compassionate to allow Angelenos to suffer and perish on the streets. That is why, as soon as more shelter, transitional housing, and other interim housing options are available, Yebri supports using the ordinance as a street engagement strategy to help people experiencing homelessness transition into shelter and housing. Enforcement of the ordinance will also ensure public spaces are accessible and safe for all Los Angeles residents. 

Yebri’s plan reinforces his support for 41.18 and is being praised by homeless services providers, mental health experts, community volunteers, and non-profit affordable housing developers alike for its comprehensive, compassionate, and urgent approaches to addressing Los Angeles’ humanitarian crisis.